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Dogru Solutions is online

Even though they have similar needs, no industry is the same, even if they are in the same industry, no company is the same. Every firm has different resources, features, perspectives and needs. We experienced this one-on-one in the hours we spent in different sectors and institutions and the projects we produced. Being aware of the fact that the appropriate technology should be determined according to the needs, and how important it is for the steps to be manageable and predictable, we take care to implement the projects. We are with you to provide ideas, guide and develop your project by taking part in all technical and managerial steps from planning processes to software production, from support service to system optimization. The steps we follow while producing the project:

  1. Listening to Your Strategy and Project

  2. To compile the ideas, statements and feedbacks of additional stakeholders or participants (suppliers, customers, employees, etc.) if necessary according to the project size

  3. To produce projections by analyzing the technological, operational and managerial situation

  4. Suggesting one or more optimal solutions and playing a role in decision making

  5. Ensuring the management, design, creation and implementation of the desired portion of the project

  6. Continuing to provide support services


Our goal is to produce strong projects in the national and international arena, as it was before, and, more importantly, to continue on the road by starting to produce our own products.



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